Forest Hotel For Dog

Hotel Environment 

Shancheng Pet Dog Forest Hotel located in Nanshan Resort that is quite famous and popular in Chongqing. In this beautiful and quiet resort, dogs stay in comfortable accommodations that include spacious climate controlled suites with patio access. Dogs are given the freedom to move between the indoor and outdoor portions of their suite at all times. Whether you’re traveling over for fun or work, our professional pet care staff will ensure that your dog delivers the best boarding experience possible. Our Dog professors are pet care professionals who will handle your dog with care, affection and skill. They will treat your canine companion as if she were their own and can provide lots of personalized attention. 


Beautiful Forest Hotel in sun set.

Dogs are running freely in the off leash play area.


We prepared a great swimming pool for your dog.

Hotel Room and Environment

We provide two types room in the hotel, Apartment and villa and Suite with comfortable bedding and music played throughout, 24 hours remote video camera in every single room, 300 metres square Large outdoor ground, and clean and disinfection inside and outside the rooms every day.




Pet Feeding and Activities

Our well-trained dog trainers will take best care for your dog based on your dog’s special situation and needs.



Pet Health

Our dog professors are all well trained by professional vet. Dog will take a medical evaluation when check in and records in CRM system. We will provide an individual play area for new dog in the first 3 days after check in to prevent any cross infection. We are determine to build a safe place for your dog.

Pet Information

We will build a file for every dog that come to our hotel in our CRM system, and upload all information to the system everyday, such as feeding situation, photos, and videos. Owner can watch it to track your dear fluffy friend’s life here everyday. CRM system will also send notifications for you about the bath, de-fleas and dog’s birthday. 



    You will enjoy your travels even more knowing your dog is happy and secure in a safe, healthy, and FUN environment managed by our professionally trained staff of dog lovers.


Check in conditions

1. Dogs must be current on quadruple vaccine or hex vaccine and rabies vaccine; cats must be current on triple vaccine and rabies vaccine. Owner will be required to bring a copy of the updated vaccine status from regular vet or hospital. Please Note: the vaccine will be effective 7 days after injection.

2. Dogs under one year old must be current on three times injection of quadruple vaccine or hex vaccine and rabies vaccine.

3. We do not accept puppies that under 4 months for short-term boarding due to incomplete vaccination.

4. All pets must be healthy, not under any infectious or acute diseases, in normal temperature and diet.

5. For preventing dispute, owner should let us know if your dog has any aggression behaviors.

6. We will have to sign an official agreement for your pets.

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Dog Car(Door To Door)Service:


1)This package is only valid for one time use for one dog. All dogs must be older than 3 months, and current on all vaccinations Chongqing Shancheng Pet requires. 

2) For special handling and treatment, everyday charge is 10 Yuan. More about our special handling and treatment.

3) We reserve the right to explain the terms of the event.