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Experience Store

Shancheng Pet focus on customer experience, and our business philosophy is committed to focus on pets and owners, For harmonization both of you,  now introducing our experience store to lead the pet industry to create experiential consumption!

Shancheng Pet experience store is now available for pet training, pet grooming, pet boarding , pet supplies, pet cakes, pet photography, dog transportation and other quality products and services.


Pets are part of our family, in pets consumption, their emotions experience must be taken into account. Therefore, our experience store creates a cozy and beautiful environment, and also our in-store display of various products have the best quality, most scientific design, best price, in order to let pet parents can be assured that the safety of the consumer experience.



    In addition, Shancheng Pet considers that we are not only providing healthy and happiness to pets, make the pet parents happy and have a good experience is also our aim. So we put a lot of effort into communication with customers, try our best to help every customer make wise choices. Skilled pet beauticians, first-class pet physician nutritionist and shopping guide information consultant and so on, a strong team of professionals ensures that every pet in experience store are able to get the best service and experience, pets food and Toys, daily beauty care, prevention of diseases, all of these products or services make pet parents and pets satisfied!

    On the second floor, we have Pet parent’s guide lessons, open class here. Providing those pet lovers an ideal place for interacting and experience exchanging.



The beauticians is clipping nails for dog, doing basic nursing before bathing.


Our dog professor is leading dog for outdoor activities.



Shancheng Pet experience store second floor, providing a great place for dogs to play.

There is a pet bakery room making cake especially for dogs.

This is our pet boarding area.





    In short, Shancheng Pet experiential consumption not only focus on our own products and service quality, but also to deepen the interaction between the customer, as a bridge to the satisfaction of our customers, this is our ultimate goal.


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Dog Car(Door To Door)Service:


1)This package is only valid for one time use for one dog. All dogs must be older than 3 months, and current on all vaccinations Chongqing Shancheng Pet requires. 

2) For special handling and treatment, everyday charge is 10 Yuan. More about our special handling and treatment.

3) We reserve the right to explain the terms of the event.